Are you a respected angling boss?

Yet tech savvy competitors are bagging your sales?

Then read this...

Tech is accelerating

Because you're now competing against A.I too.

That said...

If tech guff is doing you in, our new Anglers Brief has got your back.

Read it if you like...

I also hope it helps you win back a few hours peace each week to go fishing too (because bosses deserve to fish more frankly).

First let me introduce myself...

I'm Dave Alston

And yes I admit, I'm a tad too 'Old Skool' for some reading this.

Can't help it. I just like...

  • Worms
  • Wild carp
  • Chris Yates, Kevin Nash, John Bailey, Ivan Marks, Dick Walker, Ray Mumford (Ray who?)
  • Home made boilies
  • 1970s Rock n' Reggae
  • Plastic sweetcorn
  • Wild trout

I like paper and ink too

I can leave it lying around.

Scribble notes, underline important bits and go back to it whenever I wish.


Not lost in hundreds of emails etc.

Info in print is easy to grasp. Goes in deeper, more profoundly too.

That said...

Even though I'm a gnarly 'Old Skool' Ad veteran, I'm not stupid.

You'd need to be blind not to see what's happening in marketing now with Mobile, Video and AI.


We're at the dawn of a sophisticated new world system

Where everything will soon become ultra 'Connected' - Mobile, Computer, TV, Internet... ('er even our brains!)

Complex too...

Which is why I've prepared this fishing industry first for you... in paper and ink.

This brand new Angling Marketing Brief reveals the only 3 easy fixes you need to FUTURE PROOF your online marketing for the next 5 years...

Even if you're clueless about Mobile, Video or A.I. marketing either.

Best of all your brief is...

Simple, EASY, Reliable...

If I pay your postage, would you like me to send you a copy?

Then fill out your request below (or not, it's up to you)...

YES you get it at NO COST... via good old snail mail :)

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